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Top Jocks: Guide for a smooth running wedding reception.

As the speakers are situated on either side of the dance floor which is usually in front of the main table it is better to seat the older guests further back so that they won't suffer with the loud music. That way they enjoy themselves a lot more.

When catering for the Videographer, Photographer & DJ it makes the room look much nicer if they are seated at a smaller table together & not crowding at the DJ table or seated with your guests.

Suggested Sequence of Events
Guests arrive at the venue.

DJ plays background music from when the first guests arrive.

Bridal party have photographs taken.

Ask the venue's maitre'd to signal to the DJ when you are ready to enter the room so that he can play the bridal march or your choice of music for your entrance.

Use name cards for the bridal party on the main table to eliminate confusion.

Once the bridal party are seated, wait 5/10 minutes for the waiters to pour the champagne before starting speaches.

MC welcomes everyone.

When the bridal speakers make the toast remind them that once everyone is standing to say e.g. "The Bridesmaids".

MC introduces the father of the bride or 1st speaker who toasts the bride & groom.

MC introduces the best man who toasts the bridesmaids.

MC introduces the groom who toasts the parents & the bride.

MC introduces the groomsman to read faxes & toast absent friends.

MC closes (unless the bride has a speech). MC Announces when the food will be served. If the meal is a buffet ask that the main table goes first followed by the guests table by table starting at table number 1.

Please ask all the speakers from the bridal party to stand close to the microphone so that everyone can hear them.

Wait for everyone to have dessert before starting dancing. If there is an interruption during the dancing, the guests tend to sit down & don't always get back up to dance.

After dessert, ask MC or DJ to announce the cutting of the cake & then the first dance. If the first dance is done before the cake, everyone will sit & this breaks the flow of the party.

The first dance does not necessarily have to be a waltz but is more romantic if it is a special song that means something to the both of you.

The garter & bouquet can be done at anytime after the first dance.

As the DJ is paid by the hour, most people work out their budget & set a time limit accordingly. This is not always a good idea, rather end your wedding on a high note than drag it out. Not only will you always remember it as very festive but your guests will also. A lot of guests tend to sit & wait for the bride & groom to leave & don't want to dance. It is also nicer for the 2 of you to be able to thank all your guests when they form a tunnel rather than only having a few people left to wish you on your way.

Relax and enjoy yourself, Have the Time of Your Lives.

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