Top Jocks

1. What makes Top Jocks market leaders?" or "the best in their field?"

Our team is professional with years of experience and diverse in style, all with the talent to read the crowd and make a party that you will remember for years to come.

After each function we send a feedback request form and the inputted data is collected into the database and displays below each DJs profile.

We love what we do and we work to make sure every party is the best one yet!

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2."Why should I hire a DJ when I can just set up an ipod to play music?"

A DJ from Top Jocks has years of experience at reading the crowd and structuring the music set according to the mix of people and adapting to changes in the party. He has a vast library of music spanning many years and genres and can cater for all ages and cultural groups.

We take requests and love interaction with the crowd.

3. What happens if the DJ I have requested is not available?

Top Jocks has a team of professionals all with a similar standard of excellence who are available should your chosen DJ be unavailable.

4. Is Top Jocks really that expensive?

The years of experience differentiate us from "cheaper" DJs and the professional sound and lighting we use far outrank any of our competitors.

5. Will the DJ arrive?

Top Jocks has never missed a function since 1988! Even in the event of disaster we have always made sure the function went ahead. When one of our team had a taxi crash into him en route to a wedding one of the team dropped everything and went and did the wedding. When Dave Ward had a back operation Greig stepped in to do the wedding I was unable to do.

6. What happens if the DJ is ill on the day? Are there others available?

Being ill doesn't stop us. Your wedding or function is way more important.
To answer the question, we will be there sick or not!

7. How long has Top Jocks been in business?

Top Jocks has been providing great parties for Weddings, Birthdays and Celebrations of all type since 1988.

8. What will the DJ be wearing at my function?

We strive to be professional in all we do! From our equipment to the clothes we wear. We aim to dress smarter/ as smart as the guests.

9. Do you have a wide variety of music? Can you cater for all age groups? Can you cater for mixed cultural groups?

Our team all have years of experience at playing music for many different functions for all ages and cultural groups. They all have vast librarys of music spanning many years and genres and can cater for all ages and cultural groups.

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